Kitchen Styles - Color 101

Your surroundings can affect you physically as well as emotionally, and can alter your outlook on life. For example, studies have shown that blue reduces aggression, that pink reduces stress, and that orange increases one's energy.

Your bathroom is among the first things you see when you wake up in the morning, and it could set the mood for your whole day. Generally speaking, bathroom colors should be light and airy to keep the walls from closing in, but there are opportunities to add vibrant colors in accent pieces.


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the color of Fire, signifies Summer, symbolizes Fame

Mood: Energy, Passion, Power, Excitement

In various cultures, red represents energy and intelligence, authority and power, or leadership and confidence.

In color therapy it represents courage, self-reliance, and vitality. It carries a maximal state of energy.

People who like reds tend to be generous, to appreciate order, and develop keen sensitivities to the arts.

Prolonged exposure can leave one agitated or even aggressive as it increases heart rate and blood pressure. It is a color best used for accessories.


Kohler Fables and FlowersPink (red + white) is the color of partnership, marriage. In color therapy it is love, truth, and beauty. People who like pink display forgiveness and compassion. Pink: is used in diet therapy as an appetite suppressant; it relaxes muscles, relieves tension, and gives the feeling of gentle warmth and nurturing. It reduces aggression, and alleviates over sensitivity. In decorating, pink is considered a romantic color, best used in dining rooms and bedrooms. Orange (red + yellow) is a color of energy. Mood: Happy, Confident, Creative, and Adventurous Orange will have a gentle warming effect if used lightly. Like red, it should not be used for too long. It stimulates appetite and is not a good color for people who are easily agitated. It is a joyous color; it releases emotion and alleviates feelings of self-pity, and lack of self worth. It stimulates the mind, renewing interest in life; it is a wonderful antidepressant. Apricot/ Peach is good for nervous exhaustion


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signifies Indian Summer, symbolizes Health  

Mood: Wisdom, Playful, Satisfying, Optimistic

Yellow represents balance or neutrality and long life. In color therapy it encourages meditation, tranquility, and wisdom. It represents energy in balance. People who like yellow tend to be cheerful. Yellow fosters personal power and inner harmony. It is the color of intellect and it is used for mental stimulation. it can be very stimulating though, and it could cause exhaustion. Yellow: energizes and stimulates conversation. It is best suited to daytime rooms that get a lot of traffic.

Kohler's Playful Mouse SuiteSECONDARY COLORS:


is the color of Mother Earth. It brings a sense of stability. However it also relates to retreat from and a fear of the outside world. Beige works well to tone down bolder colors, but works well alone to bring attention to a room as a whole.


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Green, the color of Wood, signifies Spring, symbolizes Family

Mood: Health, Regeneration, Contentment, Harmony

Green represents life, love, and youth. In color therapy it is used for balance and self-control. It represents a growing phase of energy. People who like green tend to be patient and persistent. Green is the color of harmony and balance. It is good for tired nerves; it is a good healing color. It is soothing, relaxing both mentally and physically, and helps those suffering from depression and anxiety. It is considered a neutral color that blends well with other colors, and is best used in daytime rooms that get a lot of traffic. Dark green, aquamarine, represents the release of stored energy, called 'Heaven's laughter'. People who like dark green tend to trust in intuition, be frivolous and playful. We instinctively seek out this color when under stress. It creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation, calmness, and soothing of emotions. Dark green is used to create drama in decorating and to create an intimate space. Lime and olive green can have a detrimental effect on both physical and emotional health.

Yellowish green is associated with envy, resentment, and possessiveness.

Color 101 ImageBlue

Color 101 Image

Blue, the color of Water, signifies Winter symbolizes Knowledge

Mood: Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthy

Blue stands for wisdom, confidence, and independence. In color therapy it brings knowledge, and good health. It represents Energy on the decline. People who like blue tend toward creative self-expression. It is the color of serenity and harmony; it cools, calms, and protects. It will help feverish conditions, and lower blood pressure. It is very good for burns. However, too much blue could leave you cold and depressed. It is a good color for rooms with abundant natural light.

Geberit's Tessera - with toilet tank hidden behind wall.  Controls are on the wall.SECONDARY COLORS:

Indigo is a powerful, psychic color; it stimulates intuition and imagination. It is also a strong sedative. Turquoise We associate blue green with the refreshing and cool ocean. It is therefore invigorating, cooling and calming. Like green, turquoise is good for mental strain and exhaustion. It is an elevating color that encourages us to make a sparkling fresh start. Turquoise is also helpful for feelings of loneliness; it heightens sensitivity, and creativity


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Purple, also the color of Fire, signifies Summer, symbolizes Wealth

Mood: Regal, Mystic, Beauty, Inspiration

Purple represents dignity, wealth, and power. In color therapy it is creativity and spiritual inspiration. It represents energy at its maximum dormancy. It is good for mental and nervous problems, and helps connect you with your spiritual self. It aids in the treatment of pain and has been used in psychiatric care to help calm patients suffering from nervous disorders. It is often used in decorating to create an ambiance of luxury.


Violet is a color of transformation at a very deep level, bringing peace and combating fear. It is connected with artistic and musical creativity, sensitivity, and compassion. Purple and Violet can exert strong psychic influences, however, and a person attracted by it has to guard against living in a fantasy world.

Magenta When we are feeling despondent and worried about our condition, or feeling angry and frustrated, magenta draws us out of this attitude and lets our spirits soar. It is a spiritual color but it's also associated with compassion and kindness. Like violet, though, it can be too relaxing. So avoid magenta if you are chronically depressed or introverted.

Black / White

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Signifies Winter, symbolizes Career

Black represents dignity, aloofness, and solitude. Color 101 Image In color therapy, it is mysterious comforting, and protective. It is associated with stability, reliability, and peace, but also Death. Color 101 Image

Kohler Black Mountain SuiteBlack is considered stark. In large doses, it can be unsettling - even depressing Color 101 Image

Black painted walls should be limited to powder rooms, or rooms that are seen but seldom used. Color 101 Image

Black accents lend an air of sophistication and openness.


Gray is associated with independence, self-reliance, and self-control. However, gray generally has a negative feeling i.e.; thick gray clouds, fog, and smoke. Grey is the color of evasion and non-commitment since it is neither black nor white.

It is best used mixed with white, and with dark colored accents (reds: burgundy, mauve. blues: navy. green: forest)

Silver is the color of the moon, which is ever changing. It relates to the feminine principles and the emotional, sensitive aspects of the mind. It balances, harmonizes, and is mentally cleansing.


White represents determination, leadership, and innocence. In color therapy it stands for peace and comfort, and cleansing of the spirit. It represents a declining state of energy.

People who like white are alert, communicative, and openhearted. White is an all-round color. It is the best reliever of pain, and can give a feeling of uncluttered openness. Too much white, however, can be cold and isolating. It tends to open up spaces lacking natural light.


Color 101 ImageGOLD: is the strongest color to help cure all illness. It is so strong, however, that people have to be conditioned to gold over a period of time.

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